Monday, July 12, 2010

Tom Foolery

Tom Folly's campaign has been attracting a lot of attention this week - none of it good.

The Connecticut Post in its front page article, Foley's Iraq experience: What's fact, what's fiction? points out that some claims on Tom Foolery's website seem exaggerated:

1. “Donning bulletproof vests, dodging rockets and mortars, and avoiding IEDs became regular parts of the routine.”

But Mr. Folly had previously downplayed the danger, said he often traveled around Baghdad without an escort and “never once ran into a situation that I considered hostile.”

2. The Foley campaign website notes Mr. Foley’s his team of 10 helped restart many businesses, rewrote commercial law and “helped restructure the banking system.”

But Mr. Foley did not oversee financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies.

The article also presents Foley's defense after he said "I don't give a shit about international law" when told it was against international law to sell an occupied country's assets.

He was not an international law expert and he didn't privatize businesses - he just created a plan to do so.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg:

His Republican opponents want to know more about his two arrests for vehicular assault.

And Foley is suing to stop his opponent Mike Fedele from getting public financing.

He even has had to deny that he beat his wife, (she had charged that he was abusive, then recanted) but could not deny that he was involved in a highly contentious custody battle that "raged in state courts for a dozen more years, including a year when he was co-chairman of a commission studying changes to the state's divorce and custody laws."

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