Sunday, January 2, 2011

David Walker's Surprise


David Walker, Jim Himes friend and advisor, has earned a reputation in national policy circles as the ultimate deficit hawk, and advocate of cutting Social Security benefits.

Now he has weighed in on Connecticut's budget crisis.

He makes 3 points - 2 rather to be expected from someone who claims to "represent the sensible center," and is one of three chairs of Connecticut's "No Labels" chapter, but in fact represents right wing talking points in fiscal matters. The third is quite a surprise until you realize that he lives in Bridgeport (he bought Chris Shays home, but is very unhappy about his tax bill.)

Here are his 3 points:

1. Lower taxes for the wealthy - why? "Wealthy individuals also have the option of moving out of the state."

2. Restructure the state's current pension and retiree health plans, including for existing employees. (Good luck with that one - they do have contractual rights you know - or do you?)

3. Here's the surprise: "We must also deal with the current de facto discrimination in the way that property taxes are imposed in our state. City residents pay much higher property taxes per the fair market value of their property due to the failure to provide an adequate tax equalization system in the state."

To rework an old saying - where you stand on property taxes depends on where you lie down!


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