Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Republicans Are Irrelevant in Connecticut


Republicans railed against the Democrat's "left-wing" agenda, including tax increases on the rich,
tuition breaks for the children of undocumented immigrants, marijuana decriminalization, and transgender rights: Then there was the "birther bill," which would have required anyone running for president to provide an original copy of his or her birth certificate.

What do the voters of Connecticut think about these issues? Today's Quinnipiac University poll:

Connecticut voters support 72 - 25 percent a new law that requires large companies to offer five days of paid sick leave per year to employees. Support is 84 - 14 percent among Democrats, 50 - 44 percent among Republicans and 72 - 26 percent among independent voters. Men support the measure 63 - 34 percent while women back it 79 - 17 percent.

Voters also support 66 - 31 percent a law to de-criminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Support is 77 - 21 percent among Democrats, 49 - 45 percent among Republicans and 66 - 31 percent among independent voters. Support is slightly stronger among men, 69 - 28 percent, than among women, 64 - 33 percent.

Only 17 percent of voters say the new state budget spreads tax increases fairly across income groups while 67 percent say taxes should be higher on those with higher income.

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