Monday, August 8, 2011

Maryland Resident, D.C. Insider Chris Shays Wants to Run for Senate in Connecticut…But Still Doesn’t Live Here

He should stick to buying and selling real estate - look at the deals he got!

Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party today welcomed Maryland resident, D.C. insider Chris Shays back to the Nutmeg State, as WTNH reports that Shays is planning a run for Connecticut’s open U.S. Senate seat. Shays put his Connecticut home on the market moved to the Maryland suburbs just a few months after losing his reelection to Congress in 2008.

Now, after spending three years working in Washington D.C., Shays is trying to get voters to forget that he doesn’t live in Connecticut and wants to join his Republican friends in Congress as they try to gut Medicare and prolong the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“On behalf of Connecticut residents, the Connecticut Democratic Party welcomes Maryland resident Chris Shays back to the Nutmeg State as he reportedly prepares to run for Connecticut’s open U.S. Senate seat,” said Jacie Falkowski, spokesperson for the Connecticut Democratic Party. “After Connecticut residents voted him out of Congress, Chris Shays just couldn’t stay away from his Republican insider pals and moved to the Washington D.C. area. Now, Shays is about to ask Connecticut voters to let him join his Republican friends (and neighbors!) in Congress as they try to gut Medicare and continue sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

After Connecticut residents voted Shays out of Congress in 2008, Shays apparently decided he couldn’t stay away from Washington D.C. and moved with his wife to a prominent Maryland suburb that caters to Washington’s power set. At the time, a news report explained reason for his family’s move was because Shays “and his wife…both work now in the Washington, D.C. area, and returning to Connecticut often has become difficult.” [Connecticut Post, 11/6/09].”

When Shays flirted with the idea of running for governor in 2010, Shays disclosed he was considering buying a condo in Connecticut, ostensibly to get around the residency requirement for the office. While he bought a property a few months later, news reports revealed that his intention was “to find a weekend place in Connecticut after moving to Maryland.” [Only In Bridgeport blog, 2/11/10].”

Shays’ Maryland homestead is located in the town of St. Michaels and is a very popular outpost for other D.C. insiders. Shays can even count Dick Cheney as one of his neighbors.


• November 2009: Shays Sold Bridgeport Home For $1.55 Million After Losing Reelection Because “He And His Wife…Both Work Now In The Washington, D.C. Area, And Returning To Connecticut Often Has Become Difficult.” In November 2009, the Connecticut Post reported that, “Former Rep. Chris Shays sold his Beacon Street home Friday for $1.55 million and is moving out of state…Shays, 63, said he and his wife, Betsi, decided to sell the home, in the Black Rock section of the city, because they both work now in the Washington, D.C., area, and returning to Connecticut often has become difficult…He decided to sell his home of 10 years after losing his re-election bid last year to Democrat Jim Himes. The couple purchased the 12-room Colonial on Beacon Street in 1999 for $490,000… The home has an assessed value of $817,580, with a market value of $1,167,980. According to Elaine T. Carvalho, Bridgeport's tax assessor, Shays' tax bill in 2008 was $24,556… It had been on the market more than 200 days and was previously listed with a sale price of $1.85 million.” [Connecticut Post, 11/6/09]

• Shays Moved To St. Michaels, Md, Same Town Where Dick Cheney Owned A Home. In November 2009, the Connecticut Post reported that “Shays is moving to St. Michaels, Md., located on the Chesapeake Bay. Former Vice President Dick Cheney also owns a home in the town.” [Connecticut Post, 11/6/09]

• February 2010: “Considering Gov. Race, Shays Buys Bridgeport Condo.” In February 2010, NBC Connecticut published a story with the headline, “Considering Gov. Race, Shays Buys Bridgeport Condo.” According to the report, “Former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays might be making another run for office. He's likely to enter the governor's race, but he’s not ruling out running again for the congressional seat he lost to Democrat Jim Himes in November 2008… After losing his bid, he sold his Bridgeport home and now lives in St. Michael's, Maryland… He has since put down a deposit on a Bridgeport condo as he considers running for office, Shays' wife, Betsy Shays, told NBC Connecticut.” [NBC Connecticut, 2/13/10]

• Shays’ Intention Was “To Find A Weekend Place In Connecticut After Moving To Maryland.” In February 2010, the Only In Bridgeport blog reported that “Former Congressman Christopher Shays, in an interview with OIB, confirmed he has placed a binder deposit on a condominium in Black Rock as he weighs his decision to seek the Republican nomination for governor. He cautioned, however, he has not made a final decision to enter the gubernatorial race and it was always his intention to find a weekend place in Connecticut after moving to Maryland.” [Only In Bridgeport blog, 2/11/10]

• April 2010: Shays Bought Bridgeport Condo For $115,000. According to the City of Bridgeport Assessor’s office, Shays and his wife bought a condominium at 350 Grovers Avenue in Bridgeport for $115,000 on April 12, 2010. The value of the property is listed at $299,240. [Bridgeport, CT Assessors’ Online Database, accessed 7/29/11]


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