Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Most Active Blogs


Education Research Report

Pageviews last month 10,712
Pageviews all time history 97,807
Total Posts 1,152
Start Date December 2006

Jonathan Kantrowitz (CT Post, etc.)

Pageviews last month 5,140 (by far the most popular of their reader blogs)
Total Posts 1,784
Start Date May 2009

Health News Report

Pageviews last month 3,405
Pageviews all time history 44,852
Total Posts 1,468
Start Date November 2006

Connecticut Political Reporter (most posts not mine)

Pageviews last month 1,596
Pageviews all time history 29,058
Total Posts 350
Start Date April 2009

Archaeology News Report

Pageviews last month 1,465
Pageviews all time history 28,590
Total Posts 337
Start Date December 2006

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