Friday, January 13, 2012

Shays Attacks McMahon


As always, I love it when Republicans go at each other. Here's a great one, in case you missed it:

Former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays is trying to strip Linda McMahon of her belt as the true job creator in the Republican race for U.S. Senate, saying McMahon's record as former chief executive of WWE is rife with the tragic deaths of the very same wrestlers McMahon has made part of her campaign narrative of corporate success and economic prosperity.

"Let's think about it: She's got over 41 people 50 years and younger who've died in her jobs. That's quite a job record that she's created," Shays said Wednesday...

"While she was in her entertainment business, which promotes bullying, I was balancing the federal budget and creating 8 million federal jobs," Shays said. "While I was doing that, she was in the entertainment business making millions. Some people ended up dying because of it. It's all part of her record."

Hearst newspapers reporter Neal Vigdor, no friend of liberals, piles on:

During the 14 months of McMahon's 2010 Senate candidacy alone, five former WWE wrestlers under the age of 60 died.

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