Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rosa DeLauro And Hunger In Connecticut

The New Haven Register reports that 3rd District U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro, up for re-election this year, has begun her campaign against hunger in Connecticut:

“Rosa DeLauro took aim Monday at the recently passed $3.6 trillion House Republican budget that would impose sweeping cuts in domestic programs, including food stamps, but block new taxes on millionaires.

“’The budget that was passed last week... would decimate food stamps and the rest of our federal anti-hunger programs,’ DeLauro said at a press conference in the CFB warehouse, ‘while preserving oil company subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans...’”

Mrs. DeLauro is a millionaire and one of the richest legislators in the Congress, where she has plied her trade since 1991.

Mrs. DeLauro, who purports to be a Roman Catholic, is perhaps best known for her fulsome support of abortion and her resistance to any measure designed to regulate it.

The New Haven Register report is accompanied by a heartrending video in which a woman pleads that if the Paul Ryan budget is adopted, her family will go hungry.

Here is a report filed in August 2010, well before Rep. Ryan proposed a balanced budget that in Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s opinion would spread hunger throughout her district.

The report on food stamp cutbacks appeared in “Workers World”,hardly a U.S. House Republican organ. I’ve taken the liberty of emphasizing portions of the paragraph.

“The Senate’s Republican right wing pushed hard and even filibustered to stop passage of this bill. Democrats responded by proposing a cut of $6.7 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program —the Food Stamp Program — along with other measures to offset part of the bill’s costs. When the Congressional Budget Office claimed the bill would still increase the federal deficit, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, broke the filibuster by offering to increase the cut and take $11.9 billion from food stamps. The bill then passed.”
As we know, the “stimulate” efforts of Democrats in the congress – which, amazingly, was not able to pass a budget when both chambers of congress and the White House were controlled by progressive Democrats – stimulated nothing. So, Democrats in the congress proposed cuts in the food stamp program to pass this will’o’the’wisp.

No one should expect Mrs. DeLauro, the Typhoid Mary of rhetorical excess, to get her facts straight, particularly around election time. But really, if “Workers World” – as in “Workers of the world unite” can get this one right, is it too much to expect that Connecticut’s media should be able to lay out the facts not so subtly distorted in Mrs. DeLauro’s propaganda campaign messages?

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