Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winsley Wants GOP Chairman Post

Take any group of political activists, put them together for a few years, shake well and you will get a brass band marching in several directions to the beat of each individual drum. This pretty much describes the tendency of any party central committee where entropy is king. Entropy, the inherent dissipation of useful energy, is a part of the natural process. In any machine, even a party machine, the accelerations of shocks of the moving parts represents what the mathematicians call losses of “moments of activity.”

The Republican Party in Connecticut has been missing “moments of activity” for quite some time. Many people, perhaps unjustly, point to party chairmen, convenient scapegoats, as being chiefly responsible for an entropy that left unchecked may ultimately result what physicists call “the state of maximum entropy,” which is a euphemism for – death.

There are three things the Republican Party must do to win elections: 1) get votes, 2) get money and 3) refine its message in such a way as to achieve 1 and 2.

Wayne Winsley, a motivational speaker and former radio host who waged an unsuccessful battle to unseat U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro in 2012, thinks he might be able to get it done for Republicans, and to this end he has announced his intention to seek the GOP chairman post, now held by Jerry Labriola. The Republican Party Central Committee vote for its chairman will occur on June 25 in Bristol.

“I am seeking the chairmanship for one reason and one reason only,” Mr. Winsley said in his media release, “to help turn the Republican Party into a winning party once again.”

 “As Republicans, we don’t need to change who we are, we just need to get better at telling people who we are and take that message to all of Connecticut’s voters. I believe that I am the best person to lead our party in this direction.”

Mr. Winsley vowed to “unite the different points of view within our party, energize our base and grow our party by aggressively marketing the Republican brand in every district and neighborhood” in the state.”

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