Saturday, October 12, 2013

Connecticut Voters: Don't vote for a single Republican in this year’s local elections

The Republican Party is a disgrace. Republicans in Congress have risked the health and safety of the country, as well as harmed our economy, by shutting down the government and threatening to default on our country's debts. Republican governors across the country have refused to extend Medicaid health benefits to more poor families and individuals, as permitted and paid for by the Affordable Care Act. Republican state legislators have voted to restrict abortion rights, limit access to the voting booth for the poor and elderly, deny basic rights and services to immigrants and condone murder through “stand your ground” laws.

A recent report on focus group studies of Republicans found that Evangelicals and the Tea Party, who together form 75% of today's Republican Party, say:

President Obama is a “liar” and “manipulator” who has fooled the country. They say the president is a socialist, the “worst president in history,” and “anti-American.”

More from the study:

Republicans shutdown the government to defund or delay Obamacare. This goes to the heart of Republican base thinking about the essential political battle. They think they face a victorious Democratic Party that is intent on expanding government to increase dependency and therefore electoral support. It starts with food stamps and unemployment benefits; expands further if you legalize the illegals; but insuring the uninsured dramatically grows those dependent on government. They believe this is an electoral strategy—not just a political ideology or economic philosophy. If Obamacare happens, the Republican Party may be lost, in their view.

And while few explicitly talk about Obama in racial terms, the base supporters are very conscious of being white in a country with growing minorities. Their party is losing to a Democratic Party of big government whose goal is to expand programs that mainly benefit minorities. Race remains very much alive in the politics of the Republican Party.

Voters in Connecticut can express their dismay over these radical attitudes, tactics and policies, and send a message to the national Republican Party, by refusing to vote for a single Republican in this year’s local elections.


  1. I am choosing to express my dismay from now on, or until I see a true bipartisan effort to work across party lines, by not voting for any incumbents regardless of party affiliation. I have come to the sad conclusion that the only way we will get this country straightened out is to make both sides learn that they must work together, or find different work.

  2. I rather enjoyed the shutdown as we were visiting the Cape and thus not harassed by sanctimonious Rangers for a change at Nauset Light Beach.