Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Governor Rell's New Deficit Mitigation Plan

Yesterday Governor Rell released a deficit reduction plan.

Statement of Governor Rell on New Deficit Mitigation Plan

“Connecticut faces a current budget deficit estimated by my office of Policy and Management at $503.9 million – a figure that is only likely to grow, in view of Connecticut and the nation’s agonizingly slow recovery from this economic downturn. This deficit must be eliminated now through swift and decisive action. We cannot afford to wait and hope or to count on future revenues that no one is certain we will collect.

“The plan I am proposing not only eliminates the current deficit but makes much-needed structural reforms that will improve our prospects for long-term recovery. If we do not act now, any short-term cuts we manage to make will be overwhelmed by the inexorable growth of state spending.

“These choices may not be easy – but they are necessary. These choices may not be pleasant – but they are crucial. These choices may not be politically popular – but they are the right choices to make.”

Reactions are coming in:


"There's nothing 'swift' or 'decisive' about kicking the can down the road. Connecticut's budget needs more than a few band-aids--we face multibillion deficits as far as the eye can see, we have nearly maxed out the state's credit card, and now Governor Rell wants to raid the remainder of our Rainy Day fund even faster, draining $219 million that will put us even deeper in the hole.

"Rell refuses to make the tough choices our state needs - as governor, those are the first challenges I'll tackle. I have already initiated a line-by-line, top-to-bottom review of the state budget so that on day one, I can begin squeezing out every last efficiency. Our next governor must call on everyone to make tough sacrifices and enact sweeping reforms that transform the way our government does business, restore our fiscal house to order, and ensure our children do not suffer an even worse crisis down the road."

Mary Glassman Responds To Governor Rell's Deficit Mitigation Plan

Governor M. Jodi Rell yesterday released her Deficit Mitigation Plan for Fiscal Year 2010. With less than 20% of her proposed cuts achieved through actual spending reductions, the remainder of the Governor's $504 million so called "mitigation" is nothing more than delays in funding pensions and Medicaid plans, and moving rainy day funds.

Mary Glassman, who is exploring a run for Governor said “Once again Jodi Rell has shown her preference for passing the buck. It’s time Connecticut had a real leader who will instead say ‘the buck stops here.’”

"The very programs that we need to survive the fiscal crisis we're in right now-- economic development initiatives that create jobs; education and health programs; and youth programs that keep kids on the straight and narrow-- are all on Governor Rell's chopping block. Connecticut's next governor will suffer the consequences of these ‘fund sweeps' and delay tactics which shift liability beyond her time in office.”

"Our towns and cities, already under attack from this administration, would suffer even more under this scheme. The funding shell game she is playing cuts municipal aid and passes the burden to local taxpayers."

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