Friday, March 26, 2010

Republicans Betting Everything on Opposisition to Health Care?

In the previous post we saw the the Republican US Senate candidates opposition. Now comes State Senators:

The CT Post reports:

All 12 Republican state senators on Wednesday formally
asked Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to join the nation-wide
opposition to the new federal health care reform bill.

The group, calling the legislation "illegal," asked Blumenthal to
oppose it on constitutional grounds to protect state families and
businesses from anticipated mandates and higher costs.

Congressional candidates are lining up as well:

News release:

4th District Congressional Candidate Rob Russo today signed and submitted the “REPEAL IT! Pledge” created by Club for Growth (“When I am in Congress, the first thing I will do is introduce legislation to repeal this bill."

Just like Social Security and Medicare people are going to grow fond of this legislation when they begin feeling the benefits. The Republicans are not doing themselves any favors with this mindless negativism.


  1. >>Just like Social Security and Medicare

    Not a chance because we don't much care for how either of those are managed either.

    Besides - think of the absurdity of a so called "Health Care" bill that leaves the FDA intact. In fact shutting it down completely would be in all of our interests and those funds put to better use.

    Like a decent Health Care bill!

  2. "we don't much care for how either of those are managed either.:

    I haven't heard a lot of complaint about how either is managed - maybe Republicans "don't much care" for how WELL they are managed. But no one wants to repeal either of those programs.

    Advocating shutting down the FDA? That's mainstream?

  3. >>Advocating shutting down the FDA? That's mainstream?

    It's getting there; they do nothing well save for increase medical costs and kill Americans by the score.

    Every time some FDA flunky shows up announcing how some "new" drug (that's often been in wide distribution elsewhere for 10 - 15 years) will "save" 35,000 lives a year, think about it.

    That means that 35,000 a year for usually at least a decade have died that wouldn't have had they been elsewhere.
    Do the math.

    Several new diabetic treatments are being held up right now.

    The FDA did in fact murder my sister due to their failure to do their job; withholding the asthma inhaler for over 13 years until 1972 - Nancy died in 1972 at 26.

    Then of course there's the USDA which is part of the FDA.
    Do honestly think the USDA does anything?

    They assign an inspector to a meat plant who w/in a year or so is on the company bowling team and Godfather to one of the foreman's kids. It's a joke at our expense.

  4. I'm sorry for your personal tragedy, (and I lost my father to a disease whose cure was discovered within a year or so after he died) but abolishing the FDA is NOT the answer. Even Bill O'Reilly doesn't think so. Read a persuasive argument here:

  5. You don't get it.

    I don't care and would accept their closure in lieu of simply lining them all up which would suit me just fine.

    I trust we have more than enough attorneys to protect Americans interests that a regulatory agency the size of the FDA is superfluous.