Friday, April 2, 2010

Simmons Campaign Body Slamming McMahon

Since I think Linda will be the Republican candidate, I'm loving all of the *hit the Simmons people are giving her.

Some of the prime stuff I covered here.

And there's this great video they put out:

The winners in this fracas seem to be Peter Schiff (fine with me) and of course Dick Blumenthal.

Meanwhile Linda McMahon is getting hit from a different direction - here's a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press release:


Peter Schiff And Key Tea Party Leaders Have Endorsed Plan To Kill Social Security For 600,000 Connecticut Residents

Will Billionaire McMahon Call For Abolishing Social Security As Well?

The day after billionaire Linda McMahon was criticized by a Republican town committee member from Salisbury for “scare-mongering” on the issue of Social Security, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is calling on Linda McMahon to say whether she is in favor of privatizing Social Security. As the Hartford Courant reported, Chris Janelli, a Republican town committee member in Salisbury, received a call last week from someone affiliated with McMahon’s campaign wanting to talk about Social Security. The caller went on to slam McMahon’s primary opponent Peter Schiff for his full-throated support for radically dismantling Social Security. Tea Party leaders Wayne Allyn Root and Dana Loesch told Larry King Monday evening that they would like to “do away with” Social Security completely by abolishing the popular program. Root said he would like to “do away with it because I could find better ways to spend and save my own $15,000 a year.”

With Schiff and many prominent Tea Party leaders calling for Social Security in its current state to be abolished, will Linda McMahon also lend her support to dismantling Social Security? The 600,000 Connecticut resident who receive Social Security benefits are eagerly awaiting McMahon’s answer.

“With Peter Schiff and many Tea Party leaders calling for the dismantling of Social Security, will billionaire Linda McMahon lend her support to their proposal to dismantle Social Security and send thousands of Connecticut seniors into poverty? ” said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy. “$15,000 a year might be chump change for billionaire Linda McMahon, but for many Connecticut seniors, it’s all they have to depend on. Linda McMahon has a choice, she can either stand by Peter Schiff and the Tea Party crowd, or she can stand up for Connecticut senior citizens by supporting Social Security.”

Under the Peter Schiff and Tea Party proposal, Social Security would be radically dismantled, and Connecticut’s senior citizens would be left to fend for themselves in their golden years. Thousands of seniors would be sent into poverty due to lack of other income. In fact, 600,000 Connecticut residents currently receive Social Security benefits. Many Connecticut residents simply would not be able to get by if not for Social Security, which has lifted millions of seniors out of poverty since it was created in 1935.

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