Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The 10 Percenter: McMahon to Blumenthal – Boo!

A Quinnipiac poll brings to Linda McMahon, the Republican Party nominee for the U.S. senate, some glad tidings.

Since her campaign opened, McMahon has reduced from 40 to10 percent a lead in the polls enjoyed by present Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. In the past month, she has reduced Blumenthal’s lead from 17 to 10 percent.

The message to Blumenthal ought to be plain – engage. He will not be able to coast into office on the strength of his perceived reputation as a crusading attorney general filing suits galore on behalf of consumers oppressed by greedy businessmen.

Blumenthal’s last and best hope, before McMahon begins to examine closely in ads his record as attorney general, Blumenthal’s strong suit, is to hope against hope that Rob Simmons, who has little resources to conduct an aggressive general election campaign, can pull his fat out of the fire by defeating McMahon in the August 10th Republican Party primary.

Blumenthal is joined in this hope by those in the state’s media who are favorably disposed to Blumenthal.


  1. Well when you spend $20 million more than your opponent it has to have some effect. But money alone won't buy this election and many of us pulling for Rob Simmons in the primary do so despite the fact that we think he would be a stronger opponent than Linda, even with her $.

  2. Well, sure. But what does Simmons do, after wining the primary, when he finds himself face to face confronting yet another self-financing Greenwich millionaire? There has to be a second act.

  3. I rooted for Rob early on, but after his rather craven dissemblage since Convention has led me to believe this seat is all about him, rather than the people of Conn.

  4. The recent McMahon TV ad showing two wealthy CT suburban women should make CT voters cringe...I doubt intelligent CT voters really believe this "soap opera" garbage, and maybe that's another reason there was such a low turnout among registered Republican voters at yesterday's primary.

    The WWE is just a "Soap Opera"?...Just look at the WWE under Linda McMahon's "leadership"...massive steroid and other drug abuse, many premature deaths, murder suicide of a young WWE family, obscene messages to young fans that it was OK to sexually degrade women, lack of health insurance and other benefits by treating performers as subcontractors, much of the WWE souvenirs and memorabilia manufactured in China...this list could go on and on but you get the message.

    But most important, McMahon recently refused to really debate her Republican opponents, and I think this is totally unacceptable for anyone running for the U.S. Senate...debating and politics go hand in hand...she is trying to buy the U.S. Senate seat with massive spending, scripted, oversimplified general statements in her TV ads and mailers, but she really has nothing new to offer (everybody in CT knows we need jobs, but the creation of good-paying jobs in CT is not as simple as she would have us believe, especially since so many good-paying manufacturing and high-level service jobs have been outsourced PERMANENTLY)...IMO she is a hypocritical, out-of-control checkbook and ego who is depending on voter ignorance.

    Please wake up all CT middle class citizens...if you think McMahon is really going to fight for you I have a bridge to sell you!