Monday, August 2, 2010

My Republican Endorsements #2 - Ross Garber

Forget about the fact that Martha Dean is a gun-nut. Or her other far-right politics.

Forget even this:

In the Republican Primary for Attorney General, NARAL Pro-Choice CT PAC has endorsed Ross Garber. Garber faces anti-choice challenger Martha Dean who has been endorsed by the anti-choice Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC).

“Ross Garber promises to enforce the laws of Connecticut,” said PAC Chair Cari Pierdes. “It is extremely important that the next Attorney General of the state of Connecticut remain pro-choice”.

Here's why I'm endorsing Ross Garber (from a Courant article by Edmund Mahony on the GOP’s race for Attorney General):

Garber has represented businesses and individuals throughout the country before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in federal criminal investigations and in connection with enforcement actions by several state attorneys general.

Notably, he represented former Gov. John G. Rowland's office when Rowland was the subject of a criminal investigation and threatened with impeachment. He has advised other high-profile political figures in criminal investigations and defended an accountant in a mafia racketeering case.

"Some people are hired guns," Dean said in an interview. "Just like prostitutes, you know?"

Once again Ryan McKeen says it best:

Really Martha? Your failure to see the difference between a prostitute and an attorney representing a client is appalling.

Dean clearly intended to attack Garber. However, I view her comments as an attack on the legal profession. The idea that lawyers are prostitutes is both untrue and insulting.

I’ve written about similar comments made by Dean a few weeks ago at a Fairfield lunch. (So have I.)

....Perpetuating the notion that lawyers are prostitutes for political gain demeans the legal profession. It’s appalling coming from the mouth of an attorney who is seeking to become the State’s top attorney.

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