Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is There Anything Better Than One Republican Candidate Suing Another?


It's not exactly a first (Tom Foley also did essentially sue Mike Fedele!) but it's way ahead in my mind of attack ads.

Here's the announcement:

Republican Party-endorsed candidate for Attorney General MARTHA DEAN will be holding an important news conference at her campaign headquarters on Wednesday to discuss legal action being undertaken against Ross Garber and his campaign for Attorney General.

H/T Rick Green: Nutter Alert: Martha Dean Promises To Sue Ross Garber

And from a comment on Green's blog:

The woman is a bully. We in Durham have witnessed her bully tactics first hand. When Dean represented the Blue Trail Shooting Range and errant bullets were striking homes in Durham, Dean tried to bully our First Selectman with threats.

The Republican Party sold out their endorsements to Foley and McMahon for the money they each offered, but what possible excuse do they have for endorsing Martha Dean?

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