Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blumenthal & McMahon – The Issues – Part III – Education

This is the third in a series of postings on the policy proposal of the two major Senatorial candidates, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and former WWE Executive Linda McMahon.

The third topic is Education. Since “Senator” Blumenthal was first last time, “Senator” McMahonl leads off this third part of the series.

“Senator” Linda McMahon
“I support competition and choice through charter schools.”
I believe that every child should have an opportunity for the best education we can provide. We have to continue to provide education that will close the achievement gap for lower income students.
I am a strong supporter of the secondary school reform, which is underway in Connecticut. We must require high standards and accountability for teachers and school administrators, and I support the current review of the teacher evaluation process that the State Board is undertaking.
I believe in local control.
I am an advocate for choice through charter schools.

“Senator” Richard Blumenthal
It is vital that all students have the opportunity to attend a great school, and as your U.S. Senator, I will work to ensure they can. Across the nation, states and the federal government are working in good faith to find a way to achieve this long-sought goal. As your U.S. Senator, I will join this fight, working to reform education, improve student achievement, and train, recruit, and reward the best and brightest teachers.
Reforming No Child Left Behind. We need to reform the No Child Left Behind (“NCLB”) Act so that we close student achievement gaps and improve student performance… I will fight for a law that recognizes that standardized tests should be only one tool in a comprehensive set of tools for measuring student progress.
Full Funding for Federal Education Programs. We must ensure that the federal government adheres to its promise to fully fund elementary and secondary education. In the Senate, I will fight for federal education laws that will finally give our teachers the resources they need – the resources they’ve been promised for so many years – to do right by their students.
Restoring the Teaching Profession. We need to restore the profession of teaching to the level of social significance that it deserves.
Improving Early Education. The foundation for a student’s success is established during a child’s early years, and we need to place significant emphasis on the involvement of parents in a student’s education. We must also improve access to early education programs such as Head Start and Jump Start.
Promoting Innovation in Elementary and Secondary Education. We need to promote innovation in education that allows students to receive the education that best meets their needs.
Ending Disparities in Performance and Access to College. At the primary and secondary school level, we need to close achievement gaps and improve dropout rates. I agree with national advocates who believe we must make high school graduation a national priority. I also support vocational training programs which provide non-college bound students with the skills to enter and compete in the workplace, but I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to go to college. We must ensure that all low-income and middle-class students who share this aspiration have the opportunity to attend a public university or community college without being saddled with debt. This is why I support a permanent college tax credit for middle-class families who would otherwise struggle with the high costs of today’s tuition.

“Senator” McMahon is short and to the point – local control, charter schools, and school choice. “Senator” Blumenthal is again more nuanced. He covers primary, secondary, and college education. He writes of support for teachers, parents, and students. His issue paper covers the waterfront. Which candidate reflects your views and deserves your support?

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