Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foley Flunks


CT News Junkie reports:

Funding Schools Based on Performance Is Part of His Plan

Tom Foley:

"(M)oney should go to the schools that are performing and resources should be diverted from the schools that are underperforming."

This is utter nonsense - give more money to the schools that are doing the best - well-financed suburban schools - and deprive schools with the greatest needs - poorly financed inner cities schools funded by inadequate tax bases and facing overwhelming socio-economic disadvantages?

To what end? Students cannot easily transfer to schools in different communities, or even in the same community but further from home. Even if geography, transportation issues, and political boundaries where not a problem, it's not like better performing schools have unlimited capacity - most, if not all, are already full. A "market based approach to education" assumes there is flexibility in supply and demand when in fact there is almost none.

This is the most absurd policy position I have ever heard from a mainstream candidate.

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  1. I hope his policy is fuller than one sentence. Can you really represent all his thoughts on what his education plan is with one sentence? The lack of flexibility in the system and the classroom is a function of a Teachers Union. I understand most states pay nearly $32,000 per student.

    They continue to make sure that the status quo remain intact with recent legislation to support teachers salaries.