Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blumenthal & McMahon – The Issues – Part VII– Women

This is the seventh in a series of postings on the policy proposal of the two major Senatorial candidates, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and former WWE Executive Linda McMahon.

The seventh topic is Women’s Issues. Since “Senator” Blumenthal was first last time, “Senator” McMahon leads off this seventh part of the series. In both presentations, I have cut out some of the background and only left in the action statements. That makes for a much shorter presentation.

“Senator” Linda McMahon
I am pro-choice; however, I oppose partial-birth abortion and federal funding of abortions unless the life of the mother is at stake. I’m in favor of parental notification/parental consent legislation.

“Senator” Richard Blumenthal
Whether it is women’s health, equality in the workplace, or protecting a woman’s right to choose, as a U.S. Senator, I will be a fierce advocate for women.
Supporting Choice and Reproductive Rights.
I will fight to protect a woman’s right to choose and ensure that abortion remains safe, legal and rare.
Improving Women’s Health Care.
I believe that public officials can help advance women’s health care and ensure that the particular medical issues that affect women receive the attention they require… I support increasing funding to research the cancers that affect women and efforts to increase research and awareness of women’s heart health.
Ensuring Equality in the Workplace.
Although the treatment of women in the workplace has improved significantly, I believe there are still far too many cases of discrimination, sexual harassment, and pay inequity… As a U.S. Senator, I will work to permanently close the wage gap, expand career opportunities for women, and prevent sexual harassment.
Standing Up Against Domestic Violence.
In the Senate, I will be a tireless advocate for expanding and fully funding The Violence Against Women Act to ensure that law enforcement has the tools it needs to keep families safe.

While “Senator” McMahon mentions only a woman’s right to choose, “Senator” Blumenthal has a more expanded treatment of women’s issues from health care to the work place, to domestic violence. Which candidate best reflects the reader’s stand on this important topic?

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