Friday, May 27, 2011

Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo says the next Republican chair’s name doesn’t matter


While the General Assembly’s Republican leadership might be looking for a new state party chair that’s less of a “talking head,” Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo said the next chair’s name doesn’t matter because the message is clear to almost everyone.

“What Larry Cafero and John McKinney fail to grasp is that it doesn’t matter who their new party chair happens to be,” said DiNardo. “The Republican Party is being dragged farther and farther to the right by their most extreme members and the Tea Party influence. Just look at some of the legislation that their caucuses introduced this year:

· The infamous “birther” bill, influenced by a fringe movement that, after three years, still can’t accept that Barack Obama is our president;
· That shameful amendment to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for the health of 65,000 men and women in Connecticut each year;
· A mandate requiring ultrasounds prior to the termination of any pregnancy – a blatant assault on a women’s rights and pandering to the far right without any regard for cost or a physician’s determination of medical need...

“Larry and John just don’t get it. While they’re trying to sell a particular brand of politics, their membership is (pushing) the right-wing national Republican Party agenda.”

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