Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Statement from Nancy DiNardo on Chris Healy’s Retirement


“While Chris and I didn’t often agree on the issues, he was always respectful to me, and he worked hard for the Republican Party. We both shared a respect for the importance of political parties, and an understanding of the need for a public political dialogue. The Republican Party’s track record at the polls – especially in this past election cycle, which should have been a great Republican year –was poor, and I can imagine his frustration. I sincerely wish him the best as he moves forward with his life. He’s passionate about what he believes in, and he works hard. I respect both of those traits.

I want to say that what ails the Republican Party isn’t going to be fixed by the selection of a new Chairperson, no matter who it is. The Connecticut Republicans are becoming increasingly irrelevant because they’re being dragged farther and farther to the right by the fringe elements of their own party, and the Tea Party. The positions they hold on a host of issues are out of step with the average Connecticut resident, and they’re bereft of new ideas to help solve Connecticut’s problems. Too often the Republican Party has reduced itself to finding rich people to run in the hopes that somehow money can trump ideas. But as they found out in the last election cycle, democracy isn’t for sale in Connecticut.

The people of Connecticut want what Connecticut Democrats, led by Governor Malloy, are giving them: an honest budget that brings fiscal stability so that we can finally start creating the kinds of good-paying jobs with good benefits that will jumpstart this economy.”

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  1. Should Connecticut Matter in Presidential Elections?

    Connecticut is considering House Bill 6331, an act concerning agreement among states to elect the President of the United States by National Popular Vote. If passed, Connecticut voters could start to actually take part in Presidential elections. Since the overwhelming amount of money and candidate attention is focused on swing states, we don’t have a 50 state election approach to national elections—more like a 1/3 approach! Shouldn’t ALL fifty states matter?

    If you are a Connecticut voter and think you should have a say in who your President is, sign the Demand Progress petition here or go to this page for more information: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/ct_npv/?akid=connecticutpoliticalreporter

    We need to make sure the National Popular Vote bill is called for a vote before the 2011 Legislative Session ends on June 8th. The Star Tribute reports that “our current system relegates two-thirds of American voters to irrelevancy when electing the president.” Make Connecticut count by signing our petition now.

    The National Popular Vote bill has already been enacted into law by Hawaii, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington State, Vermont, California, Louisiana and District of Columbia. If we do not act now, we can face another outcome like the presidential election of 2000.

    Join the movement now by signing our petition and we will automatically email Connecticut lawmakers in your name: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/ct_npv/?akid=connecticutpoliticalreporter