Thursday, June 17, 2010

Foley-Fedele Funding Fight

There's nothing I like more than a good fight between two Republicans, each tearing the other down. CT News Junkie has a great story on the two candidates for governor from the party of the elephant:

In a fundraising email, Justin Clark, Foley’s campaign manager, pointed out that Fedele is seeking to raise small donations in order to qualify for public campaign financing.

“As a Republican I don’t mind a primary, but I do mind that the Lieutenant Governor is trying to use taxpayers’ dollars to finance his campaign,” Clark said. “He is asking people for contributions so he can qualify to use taxpayers’ money for advertising, balloons, bumper stickers and high priced consultants against a fellow Republican.”

“Most Republicans don’t understand how a candidate for Governor whose most important leadership challenge will be reducing government spending can start off by asking taxpayers to pay up to $2.5 million for his primary campaign,” Clark added.

Fedele’s campaign spokesman Chris Cooper shot back Tuesday by bringing up the Bibb Company again.

“Tom Foley made millions of dollars by firing 750 workers and driving a company in Georgia into bankruptcy—and that’s the millions he’s using to fund his campaign,” Cooper said. “He’s financing his campaign on the backs of people he put out of work - he’s the last person who should be talking about how campaigns are financed.“

“Ambassador Foley thinks only the super wealthy should be able to run for office. He bought an Ambassadorship, but I don’t think the people of CT will let him buy the Governor’s office,” Cooper added.

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