Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New York Post On Linda McMahon


The NY Post is pretty much right wing:

Here's what a Post columnist has to say about Linda:

(L)ast year, after pro wrestling matriarch Linda McMahon was nominated to Connecticut’s State Board of Education, she claimed, as proof of qualification, her degree in education.

Her degree, it was soon revealed, was in French...

Mrs. McMahon’s self-serving fabrication — one designed to prove that she has formal training to serve the best educational interests of the state’s children — made no such noise.

And, now that she’s running for the U.S. Senate — and she’s no more a family-values Republican than Hulk Hogan’s muscles were the result of drug-free weightlifting...

Vince and Linda McMahon and their WWE (née WWF) have, for the last 25 years, provided America the lowest forms of public disservice. They’ve played Pied Piper to young TV audiences, instructing them in the gutter art of becoming crude, crotch-grabbing, profanity-shouting creeps.

The McMahons’ raunchy TV shows, their stewardship of a drug-reliant death mill of an entertainment form, their ever-changing wink-and-nod “drug policies,” their knowing employment of sexual predators and even Mrs. McMahon’s (and her son and daughter’s) participation in sexually charged and perverse prime-time shock skits, make it nearly impossible to believe that Gov. Jodi Rell selected her to serve children.

And now, because money can do what money can do, she is the GOP frontrunner to become a U.S. Senator from Connecticut.

How is it possible that anyone noble enough not to do dirt to kids, smart enough to read, write and vote, and wise enough to consider the uncontested leaders of a profession that produces early-death performers — so many of them in the employ of the McMahon’s — could even consider Linda McMahon for any public office is beyond comprehension.


  1. WWE is no worse than Hollyweed - can we please be consistent with our outrage?

  2. You're missing the point here, Charles. The NY Post is Fox News in print; it's another Murdoch property. Getting editorial remarks like this from them shows that Mama Steroids is disliked even by the Republican noise machine.

  3. I get it I get it, the NY Post is "pretty much right wing" (and I assume the Daily News is pretty much left wing?) therefore they are conveniently credible when it comes to this subject. Is Mother Jones more credible here when they talk about Obama being BP's favorite politician? We gotta get beyond this left/right thing....

  4. I totally agree with the NY Post columnist the CT Republican party has stooped so low to have a HYPOCRITICAL, pretentious monster like McMahon as their frontrunner is totally beyond any comprehension.

    Just look at her summary of “achievements”:
    Many WWE performers’ premature deaths from condoned drug abuse by the McMahons; the message to young male WWE fans that sexual degradation of women and necrophilia ‘entertainment’ were OK; her obstuction of justice during a congressional investigation into the WWF on drug abuse; her refusal to answer news reporters’, her opponent’s, or the public’s probing questions about drug abuse and premature deaths during her reign as the WWE CEO; lying on her application for appointment to the CT Board of Ed; offering college students money if they registered as Republican voters; her slick, grossly over-simplified one-line TV ads; taking something completely out of context about Blumenthal’s service record to the New York Times; her lack of any sincere interest in public service and issues until 9 months ago (she never even voted!).

    IMO, she is an out-of-control checkbook and egomaniac…I am also sick of being harassed by her barrage of phony mailers and TV ads…(as an example of how she may listen to her constituents, I asked her campaign office several times to be removed from her mailing list, but my request was completely ignored).

    I can’t believe any self-respecting CT citizens (especially women) could even begin to support McMahon, based on the degenerate sleaze and borderline pornography her WWE business stood for all these years, and her attitude that she can buy her way into anything she wants! As many have noticed, she only responds to probing questions with carefully-prepared scripts, or not at all – what a disgrace she is to intelligent CT voters and to teachers!

    I am an independent voter, have never volunteered to work in any political campaign before, but I am so disgusted I will now do whatever I can to help her opponent, WHOEVER THAT MAY BE, defeat McMahon…if my disgust is any indication of other independent CT voters who feel the same way I do, she is going to be in big trouble, in spite of her blood money!

    BTW, Blumenthal has basically recovered from any brief damage and it looks like Peter Schiff will have the required signature count to primary against her in August…Schiff simply destroyed her in the only so-called CT Republican debate held at the University of Hartford a few months ago (comparing her economic knowledge to Schiff’s was like comparing a Piper Cub to a Boeing 787!)…her campaign staff knows that it will happen again if she has to face Schiff!…he will make her look like a complete fool.

  5. You're still missing the point. Hopeless, I guess.

  6. Anon. - Sorry if I'm being a trifle obtuse.

    Whyn't ya splain it ta me? :)