Thursday, June 17, 2010

Will Linda Apologize To BP As Well?

A key Republican Congressman apologized to British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward today during a congressional hearing, over the insistence that the Big Oil company create a fund to pay for all of the economic damages to residents of the Gulf coast resulting from the catastrophic oil spill. Congressman Joe Barton of Texas called the fund a “$20 billion shakedown” and said he was “ashamed” of the White House’s actions and offered his sincere apology to BP and its CEO Tony Hayward. Due to Linda McMahon’s support for Big Oil, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is asking Linda McMahon to denounce these comments from her fellow Republican immediately.

“Since day one of her campaign, Linda McMahon has been standing up for Big Oil,” said DSCC Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Today, McMahon ought to denounce her fellow Republican for crossing the line rather than embrace his apology to British Petroleum and its CEO. Linda McMahon can either be ashamed of the White House for securing $20 billion to pay for damages, or she can be ashamed of her fellow Republican for his shameless shilling for big oil.”

“Linda McMahon refuses to answer to the people of Connecticut, who care about the beauty of our shoreline and are outraged, like so many Americans, about the unprecedented environmental devastation deepwater drilling has created in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Kate Hansen, spokesperson for the Connecticut Democratic Party. “She’s nowhere to be found to answer at all, and her staff refuses to answer directly to her very clear and strong support for the deepwater drilling that created this mess in the first place- and the strong regulation that could prevent it in the future.”

“The people of Connecticut deserve some answers, and Linda McMahon should come out of hiding to provide them,” she said.

McMahon highlighted her support for deepwater drilling as an important part of her economic plan, calling for the need to “reduce burdensome regulations” in campaign materials. [McMahon for Senate Campaign Mailer, 5/14/10]


McMahon Campaign: “Our position on this is clear,” in response to whether McMahon still supports deepwater drilling [Hartford Courant “Capitol Watch” Blog, 6/17/10]

Today, Republican Congressman Barton offered his apology to Big Oil company British Petroleum and it’s CEO. Thus far, Linda McMahon has also been a steadfast ally for Big Oil. In light of her fellow Republican’s tone deaf remarks today, will Linda McMahon denounce this apology to BP, will she stay silent, or will she join in the apology?


  1. further proof that the Obama administration policy is guided by emotion and politics, not facts

  2. Are readers supposed to be impressed by the typical guilt-by-non-existent-association created by the DSCC? Jonathan, you're a super guy, but posting campaign flyers from political hacks isn't great writing.

  3. Vincent - Fair enough! I will desist.