Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alpert Stiffed By Democrats

The Day thinks Merrick Alpert, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s worst Democratic Party nightmare, might get stiffed at the upcoming Democratic nominating convention.

David Collins thinks Alpert will not be permitted to address the convention.

Alpert has consistently been turned away by town committee chairman who do not want him to interfere with the coronation of King Dick.

The final decision on speakers rests with the elected delegates of the rules committee, which won't meet until the eve of the convention.

According to Brian Lockhart’s blog, Alpert has supplied a list of the Democratic Town Committees that shut the door in his face, a who’s who of anti-democratic Democrats.

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  1. Have a little pity on the delegates to the State Convention. There are 7 nominations to be decided on in a day plus a few hours. Except for treasurer, they are all contested, and will require nominating speeches, seconding speeches, and cumbersome roll call votes. We are ordinary people, most who have to work on Friday and Monday. Why should we have to listen to Merrick Alpert's ego trip, on top of all the lengthy business we have to conduct?