Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dick Morris - Totally Out of Touch.

Friday, political consultant and author Dick Morris said, he considers the whole political  convention process to be "ridiculous."

Morris went on to say; "Candidates spend a great deal of time and resources romancing party people who have no connection to the electorate."

Who does he think makes up the town committees and thus the overwhelming majority of delegates? 

Little League coaches, Chamber of Commerce members, Firefighters, and some independent business owners.
Pretty much the same involved folks we've gotten used to seeing step up to the plate for various charity drives and every good cause that often requires a lot of work (and little thanks) since the birth of the nation.

'Out of touch'??
Hardly, regardless of political stripe these are the same people upon whom society as whole has come to rely to do what we tend to take for granted; most are the literal pillars of their respective communities. As such they tend to be centers of influence, and most are active in multiple non-political roles as well.
Those chosen to represent their community's interest don't tend to be picked at random, quite the contrary.  More often than not they're selected because others trust them to put in the time and effort so as to make what is hoped to be  intelligent and informed choices.
(Oh I know, there are indeed glaring exceptions and anomalies - consider the total delegations of either major party in their respective entirety instead.)    

Open primaries on the other hand make the entire race about who can afford the slickest marketing guru's and  buy the most television time.
Fine if one is seeking the best Madison Avenue has to offer, but lousy should we desire a government run by our fellow normal citizens.

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