Monday, May 3, 2010

Bellweather Republican Elction

In Fairfield, the endorsement of Republican candidates occurs at an open caucus of all registered Republican. This has caused considerable controversy. In most cases if there is a contest, it is followed up by a second election, a primary, with exactly the same candidates and eligible voters.

The election this year is particularly interesting because the Republican establishment has unanimously endorsed one of the candidates, Brenda Kupchik, while the other, Chris DeSanctis, seems to be the darling of the tea-party wing.

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  1. I am a RTC member and former District Leader in Fairfield. While there is some caviling over this system, it in fact was designed by agreement of the whole RTC just a few years ago. This is a tough race, as many of those casting votes support and are friendly with both candidates. Chris is not really a Tea Partier, just an old-fashioned low tax Conservative. Very likable fellow, smart. Brenda has won Town-wide and District races before,is well-respected, and her team is filled with old pros. It will be a close one, I think, but I feel Brenda has the edge.