Monday, May 3, 2010

Lamont and Glassman Form Great Ticket

Democrats Ned Lamont and Mary Glassman announced today that they will run for governor and lieutenant governor together on a Democratic ticket. I think it's a great move by Ned, and will help him at the convention, in the primary, and in the general election.

Lamont and Glassman, the First Selectman of Simsbury and a former Democratic staffer in the Connecticut legislature, appeared together at Trinity-on-Main in downtown New Britain and pledged to work together to create jobs, improve education and reform state government.

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"I come from the business world, where people are judged by the results they get, not the promises they make. Mary gets results," said Lamont. "And together Mary and I will work our hearts out to make sure that every child has the same opportunity- a great education and the chance to start a family, start a career, and start a business right here in their home state of Connecticut."

"I am proud to be here today as Ned Lamont's running mate because although we come from different parts of our state, with different experiences - we share the same vision," said Glassman. "We will create a partnership that will bring bold and creative changes to government - with a focus on helping businesses grow and creating jobs, supporting towns and cities in educating the next generation of children and helping everyone achieve their piece of the American dream."

Lamont and Glassman made their announcement in New Britain, Glassman's childhood home and the location of Connecticut Central State University, where Lamont serves as a professor.

Here's Mary with Ned earlier in the campaign:


  1. Dan Malloy is still the better choice for the DEMS to nominate. He is the only candidate that will be ready on day one and understands the dynamics of elective office and dealing with a balky bureaucracy and cranky legislature.

  2. He had a "cranky legislature" in Stamford?

  3. Stamford has a forty member Board of Representatives that has to approve ordinances, budgets, etc. and even has the power to impeach elected officials according to the Stamford Charter. Based on my experience with the twenty two member Representative Town Meeting in Waterford, that many individuals can occasionally be "cranky". I am sure that Mayor Malloy did not have a democratic majority on the Board of Representative during all of his fourteen year tenure.

  4. >>Dan Malloy is still the better choice

    Having met the man and found him to be a fairly intelligent, reasonable and pleasant fellow; I couldn't disagree more!

    But then, I'm for the other 1973 Stamford High graduate.