Monday, May 24, 2010

Mike Jarjura "I'm no Al Capone."


Reminds me of Richard Nixon "I am not a thief."

Here's the story about his good friend, Joseph Davino:

Davino, 65, was arrested earlier this month on a felony charge of second-degree larceny after police concluded that he ordered his crew of city workers to stock private vending machines located in halfway houses in the city... (H)e was handpicked by Jarjura to lead the city's blight team, a position where police say he abused his authority by directing his workers to perform his private bidding.

As the investigation into Davino widened, Jarjura defended his friend and political appointee, calling him a "tremendous asset" to the city. He also suggested that the Republican-American was giving too much space to coverage of the Davino investigation...

Jarjura said: "To think I was involved in this, to give it the kind of ink that the newspaper is giving it, above the fold on the front page and everything, what do we got here, Al Capone? Joe Davino is no Al Capone. I know I'm certainly not."

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