Saturday, May 1, 2010

Odd Oz

The Republicans are enjoying what Joe Markley calls, "an embarassment of riches" as it regards our numerous gubernatorial candidates.

Not all however are what we would consider good Republicans.

A perfect case in point would be R. Nelson "Oz" Grieble, who on Thursday April 29th speaking before the Bristol Chamber of Commerce said:
"Whatever anyone might think of Dodd, the longtime senator has been a very effective, powerful voice for the state in Washington."

Griebel, who is taking a leave from his job as president and chief executive officer of the Metro Hartford Alliance has put his money where his mouth is too, having contributed 1000's to Dodd over the years and to several others as well.

While supporting those we agree with is an honorable action, Republicans should be aware of just who it is Grieble does agree and thus support; and it's not a good picture for a Republican candidate for the state's highest office.

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