Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amann Calls It Quits

Former Speaker of the state House Jim Amann, the Wicked Stepmother to Gov. Jodi Rell’s Snow White, has decided he would rather not be governor. The road to this decision for Amann has been a winding one. As Speaker Amann was regarded by some as a “fiscal conservative,” a vanishing breed within the Democratic Party. He stepped out of the House in favor of the present Speaker, Chris Donovan, once and forever a union leader and not, even his most ardent admirers may admit, a conservative anything.

"I'm just a beach kid from Milford, Connecticut,'' Amann told the crowd that saw him off. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run for governor.''

A dwindling number of moderates in the Democratic Party regarded Amann, a plainspoken man, as a Harry Truman type. Truman was, of course, the Stalin bashing president who launched the United States on the road to containment of the Soviet Union, a steadfast course pursued by several presidents whose determination was rewarded when the Berlin Wall, and the Soviet Empire, collapsed.

By all accounts, Amann certainly was  blunt, plainspoken, and occasionally concerned with the spending extravagances of his colleagues in the House. He was said to be kind and good to his staff. For these reasons, he will be missed.


  1. "A dwindling number of moderates in the Democratic Party regarded Amann, a plainspoken man, as a Harry Truman type."

    Name two.

  2. Well, Harry Truman in the sense of Plainspoken. He wasn't Cicero. Are there any moderates anymore in the party? I suppose John Droney (remember him?) would consider Amann plainspoken. I know Lori Mounds did. She's in charge of secretaries at the capital, worked directly under Amann and considered him a kind and compassionate boss. He does have SOME redeeming features.

  3. And then, of course, there’s Amann himself, from Capitol Watch:

    But Amann said that Lamont's entry into the race generates major problems for Malloy and Bysiewicz.
    "I don't think it harms me,'' Amann said in an interview. "Ned's in Dan's backyard, and Susan will run from the left. Dan's been running a Fairfield County race, and now he's got competition.''
    A conservative Democrat, Amann says he has support from Blue Dogs and independents.
    "I'm more of a moderate Democrat, a Harry Truman Democrat,'' Amann said.

    That makes three.