Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new beginning for Genghis' warriors

Hello all. I am so pleased that Jonathan has offered to host us, the former front-page boys and girls from CTLocalPolitics. As he puts it, we want to keep the spirit alive, and quite a spirit it was and hopefully shall be. All the posters were intelligent, witty, thoughtful and (almost always) good-mannered. It was a pleasure to write for such a group of readers, because one knew that they reveled in the back and forth, the intense and honest debate that took place there every day.

I do hope that all of our old friends will be joining us -- ACR, AndersonScooper, Bruce, GoatBoy, Bill Buckley, CT, of course Sara, Heath if he can find the time, all of them. All of you!

Please do join us, and we will keep the spirit of CTLP alive, for certain.

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  1. Thank you Jon

    Someone kept asking where the delegate break downs were for the GOP; I finally got them and after I clean them all up I'll get them all up at Scribd.

    So far I've gotten the assembly districts sorted by district

    As well as the same list sorted by town.