Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Open Forum

1. Lennie Grimaldi, Only in Bridgeport, on Keno gambling:

Governor Jodi Rell says we need to add Keno gambling in the state, which state bean counters estimate would add at least $20 million for the budget year starting July 1. Why stop there? Hey, you know what I say, cut a deal with the Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans to expand gaming in Bridgeport. Make the tribal nations a partner, open up every saloon, tavern, gin mill, doghouse, outhouse and every other house for slots. My old client Donald Trump used to say put a casino in Bridgeport and it’d be the highest grossing place on the planet. Of course, Donald only wanted a casino in Bridgeport–for fear it would cannibalize Atlantic City–if he owned it.

2. Connecticut Voices For Children calls for a more balanced approach to solving the state’s budget problems that does not rely so heavily on budget cuts to health care, education, child care and other vital services.

3. The Connecticut Citizen Election Audit Coalition has released its report on the November 2009 post-election audits. This is the fifth major post-election audit observation report by the Coalition since the adoption of optical scanners and paper ballots statewide. The Coalition noted significant differences between results reported by optical scanners and the hand count of ballots by election officials across Connecticut.


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