Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nader to Speak Friday

The man most responsible for the victory of George Bush in 2000 will appear in his native state later this week.

Winsted native Ralph Nader will speak in Thompson this Friday for the group,
"Single Payer Action"

A Chevrolet Corvair rally is scheduled to follow, weather permitting.

9:15 AM Marianapolis Preparatory School

20 Chase Road, Thompson, CT 06277 (860) 923-9565

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  1. I assume Nader is still hawking his novel, In "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!"

    In the novel, he presents a “blueprint” for remaking the United States and getting it right this time.

    In Nader’s utopia, everyone makes a higher minimum wage and has universal health care. These changes are effected by, according to one review, “a small but determined mega-rich group of protagonists, including Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ted Turner, Bill Cosby and Yoko Ono.”

    Add $15 billion to the ideas Nader has been chatting up for decades and presto – you get Utopia.

    I saw him trawling for dollars at a book store in West Hartford. And though he’s sent his novel to all the billionaires mention in the book, none so far has coughed up the $15 billion that would be necessary to launch Nader's new USA.

  2. Under the Obama dispensation, the super rich will find it a bit more difficult to hang onto their ill gotten gains. One assumes they will want to cut back on charitable donations to Nader.

  3. Doubt if any super-rich are donating to Nader - and I wouldn't give my $ to him if i had them.

  4. Heard Ralph speak in West Hartford a couple of months ago, I found him rather likable. The bad haircut and scar on the nose only added to his appeal. I bought his doorstop of a book, which I have not cracked the binding on yet. When he was signing it for me he said it's a response to Atlas Shrugged. It was heartening to hear him say the climate change issue is a lot of hooey.

    Go Ralph go!