Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Round-up

Great comment from CT Blue:
I refuse to spend my day venting against the Democrats, such as Evan Bayh, who seems to be determined to wreak maximum damage before he leaves. I can only say, good riddance to him. If we play our cards right, we can be the minority party in the Senate, and then we’ll be in control.

CT Bob takes a different approach:
What the Democrats need to do in order to survive in November.1) get good candidates to fill open seats, 2) they need to pass health reform, and 3) they need to embarrass Republicans on their hypocrisy!

The original, and some think best, political blogger in Connecticut, makes a rare appearance, criticizing his friends:
If Lamont's supposed hard-core supporters cannot rouse themselves to cheer his announcement, complete with fawning video, how in the wide world of sports is he supposed to win this thing?

And a "raving liberal" posts a video of Dick Blumenthal declaring his independence and doesn't seem too happy about it:
He’s not sure he would vote for the Senate Health Bill, he opposes civilian trials for attempted terrorists activities in the U.S., he supports expanding the war in Afghanistan, he favors the death penalty. Sounds like another Independent, doesn’t he?

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