Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Open Forum

Wandering around the blogs, etc.:

CT Bob takes on the WWE, with an assist from Rick Green:

Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) has launched a campaign urging public officials to make the reforms it believes are necessary for Connecticut to be truly competitive.

CT Blue on “snow storm proves there’s no global warming”

And a VERY interesting report on My Left Nutmeg on Denise Nappier, our State Treasurer:

And from MSM:

Ted Mann continues his excellent reporting on Governor Rell’s pollgate.


  1. Right. Everyone who criticizes global warming theories is an unscientfic crackpot. It's not like there are any MIT Professors of Meterology who are critical of the work.

  2. Word is out that Ned Lamont will make it official on Tuesday and shift from an explorer to an actual candidate. I suspect that he will not participate in the Public Finance System since he is able to self fund his campaign.

  3. Someone posted this to a message board I frequently visit. Does anyone think there is anything to it?

    >>My prediction is Rob Simmons will drop out of the Senate race in Connecticut and run for Congress against Joe Courtney, while Linda McMahan takes the Republican lead and makes the Senate race very close.<<

  4. Re: Global Warming

    Must see video:

  5. >>Does anyone think there is anything to it?

    Linda's people have been posting that stuff all over the place; no one else has any motive to do so.

    I thought we were past this sort of stuff.

    Somehow despite decades of involvement and having waded through this sort of political manure before, I'm still on the field, making me either:
    A: A Survivor
    B: A totally crazy Masochist
    C: A paunchy graying guy with no real life
    D: All of the above

    However, after witnessing some extremely underhanded outright sleazy stunts in the 1980's, and briefly laboring under the delusion (Could something I took in the late 1960's cause this?) that sort of Weikeresque / D'Amore bottom-feeding behavior was a thing of the past at least for Republicans in Connecticut.........

    Damn! Wrong again!

    Whenever and wherever Rob is making an appearance; including such arcane events as a pizza parlor `Meet & Greet', she sends in a few staffers to make note of who shows up and instructs them to (considering Rob's history, this is simply incredible) try and stare him down.

    Then there's the often bogus "voting record" assigned to Simmons, where obscure, frequently committee level or attached to some unanimous vote as a rider, votes are `pointed out' to voters:

    Thus, as we quickly flip through the 12th mail piece of the week as we walk up the driveway on the way to deposit it and 70% of the rest of the days mail into the recycling bin, we read something like:
    "Rob voted to sell starving Ethiopian children into slavery"

    I would hope most would run from a member of their own party if they pulled this sort of cheap theatrics on a member of the other party - internally it's beyond the pale.