Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Both Ways" Shays At It Again

Congress or Governor?

Only In Bridgeport reports that Shays is buying a condo In Bridgeport, and also reports on Russo’s new poll, done by a notorious right-wing push polling group.

It shows Russo, a former state senator from Bridgeport with low name recognition in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District, running just 13 points behind Democratic incumbent Jim Himes who defeated Shays in 2008, in part on the strength of Barack Obama’s presidential tsunami in Bridgeport. The poll also showed, to measure Himes’ standing, Shays running 20 points ahead of Himes, a reflection of voter anger with Washington, were he to seek his old seat. Shays told OIB, however, if he gets back in the game it would be for governor.

So is Shays going to run for governor or for his old seat?

More poll results:

*More people approve of Jim Himes job in Congress as disapprove (Approve 36%, Disapprove 33%)

*Rob Russo has higher Name ID and performs better against Jim Himes than Dan Debicella showing the Republican Primary is wide open. (Russo name ID 23%, Debicella 14%)

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  1. Fairfield Weekly on Shays for Governor:

    "But what Connecticut needs how is strong leadership and decisiveness, and those have never been "Both Ways" Shays' strong suits.

    Shays suffered from such cognitive dissonance during the years he was both a Peace Corps veteran and a Republican in the era of George W. Bush, he could never give a stance on foreign policy without droning on for six baffling minutes, at the end of which his position was still a mystery wrapped in a riddle surrounded by Zen koans."