Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Conversation Pieces

1. Rasmussen Poll Governor's Race, Lamont, Malloy vs. Foley, Fedele:

Thomas Foley (R) 37%
Ned Lamont (D) 40%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 14%

Thomas Foley (R) 36%
Dan Malloy (D) 37%
Some other candidate 10%
Not sure 18%

Michael Fedele (R) 33%
Ned Lamont (D) 41%
Some other candidate 8%
Not sure 18%

Michael Fedele (R) 35%
Dan Malloy (D) 36%
Some other candidate 9%
Not sure 21%

2. Jim Himes Receive Praise For Gaza Stand

3. John Larson's Fair Elections Now Act for public funding of Congressional elections gaining momentum.



    Today's Rasmussen poll, pitting together various candidate permutations, is entertaining but meaningless. Here in early February, the general voting public is neither informed about, nor engaged in, the fall general election. As Q Poll director Douglas Schwartz said of his Jan. 21 effort, "The big winner in the primaries for governor is undecided."

    For now, the name of the game is convention delegates, and the candidates are hard at work building support at the town committee level, where awareness counts (and where Rudy Marconi has it). Once the primary contenders are determined in May, popular name recognition will come very quickly.

    Building general name recognition now, when voters are not engaged, is an effort in futility. If a candidate's name is splashed across the front pages today, it's probably because he or she was caught "hiking the Appalachian Trail." Who needs that?

  2. I'm curious to see a poll with Shays. I don't know that he would win in the end. But I'm guessing polling at this point would be in his favor... just due to name recognition alone.

  3. Do you think he has much name recognition outside Fairfield County?

    I was talking to one of his supporters last night who said he was definitely running but the supporter didn't think Shays could win because of lack of name recognition in most of CT.

  4. The field is wide open for Shays to give it a try. But my guess is he doesn't have the heart for it, after a long career and a tough last loss.

    These numbers look good no matter who you're backing, and it seems to me this will be a much closer race than most Dems think.

  5. My source, who's sure he will run, called McKinney's bowing out of both Congressional and governor's race, before anyone else. He is a Republican insider, and if he says Shays will definitely go for it, I tend to believe it.

  6. Do you think he has much name recognition outside Fairfield County?

    Yes. The Courant would cover him as a Congressman and did so for 20 years. And for eight years he routinely got covered by the national press for the slightest comment questioning Bush 43.

    Does that mean anything in a general? Maybe not so much. But GOP primary voters will know him statewide.

  7. JK, that is interesting - I know you get good info. As I say, I am surprised. Two reasons -- first, Fedele and Foley have made pretty good progress, and second, he moved, and has to move again, which is a tough, annoying process and will leave him open to questions of how much he really wishes to live in Conn.