Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Open Forum

Susan Bysiweicz is going to court, and suing everyone in sight, including herself? Dick Blumenthal will defend?

The suit includes all required parties that have authority over placement of candidates on the primary ballot this August, including the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party Chair, Nancy DiNardo.

A new study published by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) draws a connection between the lack of paid sick days (which Ned Lamont opposed but now thinks is a good idea - see below) and the spread of H1N1, the so-called “swine flu’ virus.

The report, “Sick at Work: Infected Employees in the Workplace During the H1N1 Pandemic” made the following findings:
• An estimated 8 million American employees came to work while infected with H1N1.
• An estimated 7 million people contracted the illness from a sick co-worker.
• The study suggests workers without paid sick days were far more likely to come to work while infect with H1N1.

Ned Lamont hasn't won back all his old supporters:

While Swan wouldn’t talk about it, sources said it must be painful for him to see Lamont wavering on the issue of publicly financed campaigns, which Swan and CCAG have promoted and supported for years.
“I’m going to go out there to win. I’ll be opting out of the public financing,“ Lamont said Tuesday in a question and answer session with the media. He prefaced that statement by saying what he’s been saying for several months: “I’m a big believer in clean campaigns, but I’m not going to go into this battle with one arm tied behind my back.”
On another progressive issue, Lamont said forcing employers to give paid sick days to employees is “a good idea. But my issue is jobs.”

Jim Himes brags about the Recovery Act:
The Recovery Act has already invested nearly $575 million in Connecticut’s 4th District, and we are only half-way through the two-year program. Information about all of the projects in the district is available at The Recovery Act has made hundreds of local projects possible, but key investments include:
· $1.8 million completing funding necessary to demolish Congress Street Bridge.
· $4 million to the WorkPlace, Inc. to train and place 700 workers into in-demand “green” jobs.
· $4.8 million to put 20 new police officers on the streets in Bridgeport.
· $46 million to schools throughout the district to keep teachers in the classroom.
· $2.7 million for the Stamford Urban Transitway.
· $1.3 million to expand the Norwalk Community Health Center.

The blog MyLeftNutmeg is running a poll for or the Democratic candidates for Governor:
So far Ned Lamont is way ahead, while his principal rival, Dan Malloy is barely beating a virtual unknown, Rudy Marconi.

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