Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simmons/McMahon trade charges, plus mea culpa

It's been a long time coming, but I owe an apology to the Rob Simmons campaign, and I might as well do it the same day I have a post about the GOP Senate race.

First, in my last post at CTLocalPolitics, I noted the aggression of the McMahon campaign, and asserted she was trying not merely to win but to drive Simmons out of the race. I also posited his campaign might make such a move, writing “... I wouldn't be surprised if there is not some change of course for the Simmons campaign soon.”

I was taken to task by the Simmons people, and in response, as evidence, I noted he was falling in the polls. They replied that he was still leading. Sure enough, they were correct. In the two most recent Q polls, Simmons maintains a double-digit lead (though I'm sure it is closer now). She is closer in others, but their claims on this were correct, and I was wrong. So Mea Culpa.

Now on to the news.

Yesterday's Conn Post ran an article claiming some CT GOPers are miffed that Party Chair Chris Healy's wife, Suzan Bibisi, works for the McMahon camp, claiming this is a conflict of interest for Healy, and his ability to be neutral is “compromised.” (See the article here: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/yb/141569549 ) Healy calls the claim “ridiculous,” and denies it. Bibisi does have a history of campaign work to bolster her qualifications, as well, and I sincerely doubt there is any kind of quid pro quo here.

However, appearances matter, and this has bad optics. Recall, one of Chris Dodd's peccadiloes was getting a cheap loan. He countered that his WIFE got the loan, to which all sentient beings thought, “Well, they pay the bills together, don't they?” Similarly, Healy clearly benefits if his wife is employed, and if she is employed by someone who can gain from his influence, then he may be in a compromising position. Just being logical.

Do I think Healy is up to something? No. He used to work for Simmons, and likes him a lot.
Still, this is one relationship the McMahon people may have to rethink. It both underlines her ability to spend unlimited amounts, and it may make any deal at Convention suspicious.

Furthermore, it gives the Simmons campaign a cudgel, something they have lacked. Their claims about her voting record and her inability to speak Chinese have been a yawn, if not downright silly. But this story might have legs.

We'll see who gets back to me with a rant after this story.


  1. My Left Nutmeg has the follow up to the story - (see post and comments) here.

  2. It’s much too soon to be throwing candidates on the ash heap of history. There is a filtering process in every election. The conventions are months away.

    Healy probably will influence matters at the convention – or not. We’ll have to wait and see. If people are claiming that Healy is exerting undue influence this far in advance of the convention, I’d want to see the e-mails justifying that claim. Otherwise, all these backbiting claims should be taken with a ton of salt, the painful crys of people whose toes have been stepped on.

    What about this crushing deficit? What's your plan? In the gubernatorial race, list four ways you plan to cut spending. Those are the questions to which we want answers. Henry Ford said history was bunk. Don’t know about that. But political horse racing sure is.