Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Round-up

Shays out of Governor's race

CT loses more Fed $

Joe Does Something Nice – What A Surprise!


  1. If our Democratic delegation down in Washington can't bring home the boodle, what the hell good are they?

  2. It wasn't their fault that the applications were so badly prepared.

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  4. Charles,

    From each according to his means... We're a giving state; give a dollar to Washington, get back 68 cents. Why should it surprise anyone that the stimulus dollar flow from Washington is less here than in other states? If we were needy, would Washington be returning 68 cents to us in exchange for every dollar we send there?

    Besides, the tap in Washington is turned on by political fingers. We are a reliable Democratic state. No one down there should feel they have to buy our votes with handouts. We have millionaires. And we have a state government that has no compunction about taxing them. So, what’s the problem?

  5. Great news for the other GOP guys -- mark my words, it will be either Foley or Fedele, and this clearly helps Fedele most of all, as he has less to spend but the most retail political experience. Shays would equal him in that dept., but he's out now.